What happened to Foxhound Band Themes?

Foxhound Band Themes was started by the two of us, Shane Duquette and Jared Polowick, when a friend of ours came to us needing a website for his band. He didn't need a custom site, he just wanted a simple theme, except that none of the themes had the features that he needed.

We teamed up with a programmer and made a WordPress theme for musicians with all the features that they needed. It was a theme for metalheads made by metalheads. We launched it in 2010, and it was a huge hit.

The success of our WordPress themes freed up some time for us to get into another kind of heavy metal: lifting weights. As we were building bigger band themes, we were also building bigger muscles.

Before and after photo of Shane Duquette building muscle with Bony to Beastly

In 2012, we launched the first version of our muscle-building program for skinny guys: The Bony to Beastly Bulking Program.

A Fork In The Road

Bony to Beastly was growing even faster than our biceps, and so was the WordPress theme market. We weren't the only band theme in town anymore. Our business was still profitable, but it had lost its sense of purpose. We weren't needed anymore.

However, there were all these skinny guys out there, and they were writing to us, telling us we were changing their lives. So we had a tough decision to make, and in the end, we felt that our original mission of helping musicians build websites was accomplished. Musicians now have a ton of great options.

So we partnered with a world-class strength coach, Marco Walker-Ng, BHSc, PTS, PN. Marco has a degree in Health Sciences, he's a certified trainer, and he studied under Eric Cressey, the head strength coach for the New York Yankees. At the time, he was running his own business, focused on helping athletes bulk up to improve their performance. His clients included college, professional, and Olympic athletes.

Before and after progress photo of Marco Walker-Ng's ectomorph transformation.

With Marco's help, we decided to shut down Foxhound Band Themes and go all in with our Bony to Beastly project. Since then, we've been helping skinny people build muscle, gain weight, and improve their health.

Before and after progress photos showing a skinny ectomorph gaining muscle and bulking up.

A genuine and deep-down thank you to every single one of our customers. Foxhound Band Themes allowed us to meet the most incredible musicians, support our families, and work on something we were passionate about.

For that, we'd like to thank you if you bought a theme, recommended our themes, or worked with us in any way.

–Jared & Shane

Before and after progress photo showing a skinny woman gaining weight and building muscle by lifting weights.

A Fork In The Mouth

So, long story short, now we help people gain muscle, get stronger, and become healthy.

As things stand, we're focused on a few different projects:

  • Foxhound Studio: Lifestyle and fitness from a design perspective.
  • Bony to Beastly: The muscle-building site for skinny guys, by skinny guys. Over the past twelve years, we've had many millions of readers and worked with thousands of clients, becoming the largest site for skinny guys in the world.
  • Bony to Bombshell: For skinny women who want to build muscle and gain weight. It's one of the only fitness sites teaching women how to get bigger.
  • Outlive: For skinny-fat men and women who want to become healthier, stronger, and better looking.
  • Outlift: A site about lifting weights and building muscle.
  • Word & Sorcery: a site about fables, fairy tales, legends, and other stories, run by the Mexican fabulist Juan Artola Miranda.
  • AAAuthentic: an experimental site about home office set-ups, men's gear, etc.

Bigger, Stronger, Healthier & Better Looking

Foxhound Studio

Foxhound Studio

Foxhound Studio is our original design business that everything grew out of. This is where we blog about stuff that doesn't quite fit in our other websites. Sometimes that has to do with aesthetics, new projects, books, or design.

Here are some of our top posts:

Flaming biceps flex illustration


Outlift is our deep bulking site for people who have already vanquished their skinny genetics and are ready to get killer strong and build a physique that looks great. This is where we write about lifting theory, philosophy, and technique.

Here are some of our top posts:

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