What happened to Foxhound Band Themes?

Foxhound Band Themes was started by Shane and Jared when one of our professional musician friends needed a budget-friendly website fast.

There was only one suitable WordPress theme meant for musicians for us to build off of. But it was riddled with errors, problems, and needed a lot of edits from us to make it look right.

So, we decided to make our own theme meant specifically for musicians.

The problem was that we were designers, not programmers. But we found a talented programmer, part of the WordPress review team, to help make our vision come into reality.

We launched the original Dark N Gritty theme in 2010, and it was a huge hit.

As we continued to build more themes, we also launched another project that was unrelated to WordPress. It was called Bony to Beastly—a skinny guy's weight gain program.

A fork in the road

Bony to Beastly was exploding in growth, but the WordPress premium theme market continued to become more competitive.

We were the second company to begin making themes for musicians as far as we could tell. There were now, literally, thousands of themes for musicians to choose from.

And to be honest, many of them were great options and produced by great people.

Then our trusted programmer decided to leave the industry and focus on the career related to his original studies (and to focus more on his family.)

So, we were faced with a tough decision.

Do we double-down on Foxhound Band themes, up our game, and find a new programmer?

In the end, we felt that our original mission was now mostly solved. Musicians now had a ton of options to help them take control of their websites.

Closing Foxhound Band Themes Down

That was when we decided to shut down Foxhound Band Themes, and go all in with our Bony to Beastly project.

We stopped selling the themes, we thanked our affiliates for their support over the years, and we continued to offer service to our current customers for the next year before officially ending.

Since then, we've created two more projects in the strength and muscle building industry.

A genuine and deep down thank you for every single one of our customers

Foxhound Band Themes allowed us to meet the most incredible musicians, support our families, and work on something we were passionate about.

For that, we'd like to thank you if you bought a theme, recommended our themes, or worked with us in any way.


"But wait—I'm still looking for a WordPress theme"

We love WordPress, and we're still continuing to use it to build our other businesses.

WordPress Favourites

What we use now instead of a regular theme

We've since started using a page builder with a bare-bones theme. Then we just add our own images and CSS to dress it up a bit.

  • Beaver Builder
    • Page builders have allowed us to make edits to our pages, and make attractive layouts without needing a programmer. After much research, we decided on Beaver Builder and use it on Foxhound Studio, Bony to Beastly, Bony to Bombshell, and Outlive. We love it that much.
  • Astra Theme Pro—$59
    • We've used the Beaver Themer as the theme with Beaver Builder—and it's good. However, Astra Theme Pro is incredibly lightweight and fast. The Beaver Builder theme has some visual advantages over Astra, but we've found it is worth the tradeoff for the speed increase (especially since we're fine with writing CSS.)

We know that not everyone will be able to edit the themes to look the way they want. In that case, we're still big fans of premium theme creator Organic Themes.

Favourite Plugins

  • Yoast SEO—free
    • Yoast is the household SEO name for WordPress. It's free, gets the job done well, and it gets installed on every site we touch.
  • WordFence—free
    • WordFence is a free firewall and malware scanner for your WordPress. It's simple to set up and worth the time it takes for the extra security.
  • Smush—free
    • Smush optimizes the images you upload to WordPress by compressing them and stripping them of data that it doesn't need. It helps to speed up the loading on your website, which is a part of having good SEO.
  • Thrive Leads
    • I find the Thrive products are often clunky, glitchy, and bloated (which is why we don't use their page builder) but they've still managed to put together some of the best functioning conversion oriented products. We like their thrive leads option for building opt-in forms to help people stay in touch with us.
  • WP Rocket
    • This is the best caching plugin out there at the moment. It's really easy to use and makes your website load incredibly fast. I like the branding, too.

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