Night Music Theme ($79)

This drop-dead gorgeous dark theme was crafted for producers and DJs although it'd likely fit the bill for club owners too.

We've worked really hard to combine ease of customization without sacrificing beauty. For the first time ever, we've built in a hex color selector for you to pinpoint your exact main and accent colours. Because of the advancements in web standards we can finally give you the control you want while still making a theme with tons of style and personality.

What Makes It Different?

At the end of the day, features don't matter if your fans can't stay in touch with you. This is why we laboured over perfecting our homepage slider to allow you to showcase your music videos and at the same time, collect your fan's email address so you can keep in touch. Never before has a theme, let alone specifically just for musicians, made it so easy to build a fanlist. With Facebook charging to reach your fans, it's time to build a mailing list.

Theme Features

Aside from looking totally badass & perfectly dark, we've built a custom Soundcloud player like none other that'll work on any device with all the SC benefits, we've added in WooCommerce support/styles for merch + digital sales, you can easily add your own discography with our built-in custom post types, we still very happily support/style GigPress which is hands down the best plugin for shows/tours, and our theme is responsive and works like a dream on your iPhone. Whew!

And feel free to go customization crazy with the layered .psds for only another $20!

It Just Works.

I could go on for days about why this theme rules but in the same way it's hard to describe your music to someone through a printed press kit, it's just easier if you go experience it. Seriously, check out the demo – you're going to love it.

We know you've got other accounts elsewhere to connect with your fans so we've built into our themes an easy way to choose a platform and then put your link in so your fans know where to find you. You've got 6 slots to choose from and you can populate it with Amazon, BandCamp, BandsInTown, Beatport, CDBaby, Facebook, iLike, Instagram, iTunes, LastFM, MySpace, Purevolume, ReverbNation, Soundcloud, Tumblr, Twitter and Youtube.

Ready to get started?