IndieFest Wordpress Theme ($79)

This big epic visual band theme was designed for indie rockers, folk artists, grassroots pop stars, and outdoor music festivals. It's cheerful, ominous, moody, epic, laid back, summery — whatever you need it to be.

It's big, bold and takes customization to a new level. You'll have the choice of 8 crazy backgrounds, 17 main colours and 15 accent colours which can all be mixed and matched. We wanted you to be able to match the brand of your band perfectly with the theme.

What Makes It Different?

4 of the backgrounds are highly illustrative and have multiple elements in them that move dynamically depending on the size of your browser window and the amount of content on the page. The other 4 are a bit more subtle (concrete, dark wood, dark denim, and cheetah) and allow your own content to shine a bit more brightly.

It's got a big visual display area front and centre for your logo so you can really set yourself apart from all other band themes out there — or you can opt for the band photo or classic slider slideshow that you've come to love in the other band themes.

Theme Features

And Wordpress has got all the features you want as a band: GigPress for your tour dates, a Facebook feed, a customized twitter feed, a SoundCloud player for your music, the option to upload mp3s, a newsletter sign-up. Aside from all that, Wordpress is the perfect platform for blogging, posting videos, showcasing band members, uploading photo galleries, and selling your merch.

Ready to get started?