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Our main goal has always been to help musicians make their best first impressions online since we’re musicians ourselves. We started making WordPress themes for musicians & bands 4 years ago since a bunch of our musician friends were always coming to us since we wrote music as well and ran a design business. All of them were looking for a $10,000 dollar site. They were incredible musicians, who really knew their craft and loved music but didn’t know where to begin online.

All they wanted was a website that was had as much focus on quality and authenticity as their music did. A website that really showed who they were and what their music was about.

Building on top of WordPress, the amazing system that it is,  we started by making themes to finally help all of our friends and all the other incredible musicians on the Internet take their websites to the next level. Their websites had finally reached a level that their fans and future fans deserved.

We’re going to be starting a marketing column here to help musicians market and brand themselves online. If you’ve ever wondered how to best keep in touch with your fans, how to earn new loyal listeners, and how to sell more music to people who are dying to hear it – sign up for our free newsletter so we can give you a shout once it’s rolling.

If you have any suggestions for topics or any questions, just let me know below in the comments.

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