Why Focusing on Facebook Is Mean to Your Fans


Since Facebook has introduced Promoted Posts, experts claim your post will only reach 1-2% of your fans unless you want to pay big money (potentially hundreds of dollars) to “boost” your post to reach your own list. For example, our design studio list, while small, was once able to reach 2500 unique people per post. When Facebook made this policy switch and monetized their fan pages by charging for views, our reach dropped down immediately to around 200-300 people (and sometimes as low as 148) – only 8% of what it was the month before.

That means that 2300 of our Facebook fans were no longer seeing our stuff.

Frustratingly, these were the dedicated fans who actually wanted to hear from us, and our Facebook fan list was something we’d laboured to build over the course of a couple years! Perhaps you’ve seen the same exact same thing happen to you. A list you put time and energy (and possibly money) into that you can’t even access without paying a hefty fee.

This is the problem with depending on one medium as a musician… especially a medium that you don’t own or have any say over.

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