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The Best PhotoShop Action/Texture Pack that every Band & Musicians Needs


I’m in love with analog – the soft highlights in film photography, the warmness of a tube amp, the subtle scratching of a record playing. The “mistakes” of analog are what make it so authentic.

I know it’s cheaper and easier to go digital. I know it’s quicker to record your song using DIs. I know photographers shoot digitally because it’s dependable and convenient and I don’t blame them. As much as I love listening to my music on vinyl, I still listen to music via iTunes most of the time since sometimes I get tired of needing to flip the record over every five songs.

But there’s still something I love about analog. Call me a romantic.

For the past ten years I’ve been editing photos for bands, and I’ve picked up some tricks for giving digital photos some analog authenticity – making them look well-loved, high-end and authentic.

These are the same techniques we use for preparing images in our WordPress theme demos to look more interesting and higher budget.

I’m sharing my very best tricks condensed into PS actions for transforming ordinary photos into something that is a lot more reminiscent of film photography. They’ll let you add grit, noise, textures, light leaks and high-contrast that we’ve come to love about film. They’re fully automated, so just hit ‘play’ and watch the magic happen.

Even the most desperate photos will do, but even if you have engaging photos to start with, these actions can be that final spit-shine to really bring them to the next level.

I’ve seen action and texture packs like this cost anywhere from $5-$75 but we’re giving them to you for free as a welcoming gift when you join our newsletter for independent musicians.

We’ll send you a welcome email right away with a download link the moment you sign-up. You’ll get a .zip file with the PhotoShop action file, 6 super high-resolution textures and a PDF overview with instructions.

We couldn’t be happier to share this with you.

Click ‘read more’ to see the samples of the actions in…er, action, an overview of the included textures, and a few editing tips.

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