February 9, 2013 in tales from the road…

Foxhound serenades poor Rebecca to sleep


The best way to format a blog post is to keep the introductory text short and sweet and pair it with a great image. People’ll get pulled in by the captivating imagery and a concise hook that’ll reel ’em into the article. And then when they click “view full entry” …

February 9, 2013 in music videos

Video Friendly (and the Handsome Furs)

There are two obvious choices for showcasing your videos online. The first is Youtube, which is a great way of generating new fans. Having a popular video on Youtube can do wonders for you. The second great choice is Vimeo. Vimeo’s the handsomer of the two — it’s got a clean and professional player that lets you customize the colours, size and even fiddle with the display options. It won’t generate much traffic on its own because of its relatively small community, but when that’s not our goal it’s hands down our favourite player. Both work great on iPhone, iPads, Androids and most mobile devices, so you’re covered there either way.