For Musicians like you, created by Musicians

We know what it's like to living in a van, sleeping on floors & how hard it can be to gain new fans online. We know what you need to succeed because we're a lot like you.

Premium Themes Built for Wordpress

Our Wordpress themes are solidly built by experts to be simple, powerful & easily customizable that are ready to roll out of the box.

Beautiful & Functional with an Edge

Designed from the ground up for real musicians like you who want a site that is as unique as them that will give you direct access to your fans.

We're musicians, just like you.

We pride ourselves in the fact that we are musicians. We're not out on the road anymore but I know what it's like to live in a van for months at a time, sleeping on hardwood floors, and to play to fifty kids on a Monday night 3000 miles from home.

We know what you need to connect with your fans (and earn new ones) because we're a lot like you. Every last little pixel-perfect detail and every single line of clean code was crafted with you and your fans in mind.

Programmed by an WP expert for Wordpress

All of our themes are programmed by an Wordpress expert who lives and breathes this stuff. If you haven't heard of Wordpress, it's the world's greatest content management system and provides hundreds of thousands of dollars of programming value and doesn’t cost a dime. That means your website will work as well as it looks. You will need the original self-hosted to run our premium themes.

Helpful Technical Support

If your theme isn't working the way it should or you're confused about how to accomplish something, getting answers is as simple as giving me a shout on the forum. We make it a point to answer every single question and it's been our pleasure the past 3 years helping you gain control of your web presence!

Link out to All of Your Social Media

We know you've got other accounts elsewhere to connect with your fans so we've built into our themes an easy way to choose a platform and then put your link in so your fans know where to find you. You've got 6 slots to choose from and you can populate it with Amazon, BandCamp, BandsInTown, Beatport, CDBaby, Facebook, iLike, Instagram, iTunes, LastFM, MySpace, Purevolume, ReverbNation, Soundcloud, Tumblr, Twitter and Youtube.

We've got you covered (improvements/fixes/updates)

We're always working on improving our themes with new features, fixing any little bugs, or updating it for new Wordpress versions. Unlike other companies, we don't create clones of our themes – we invest back into them.

We've got you covered for an entire year after you grab a theme from us. No more worrying about getting left behind or buying something that is outdated or doesn't even work anymore.

Still Haven't Made Up Your Mind?

If all that isn’t enough, just have a look at this chart.